Remembering Bob Deering

Posted on 03/24/2020 12:00 am

Bob Deering, 61, who for years was a fixture on IFMA DFW's Programs and FMexpo committees and reliably served a cold margarita at the Golf tournament halfway house every year, died Saturday due to acute pancreatitis. COVID-19 was not a factor. 

A celebration to honor Bob will be held in the future as soon as it is allowed for gatherings to take place again. If interested in joining the celebration of Bob’s life, contact Rod Armstrong at [email protected]

To say he will be missed is an understatement. He was a loyal IFMA Member for many years, an artist and architect, and Rod, who likely was his closest friend, wrote the following this past weekend. 

Bob was born in Columbia, Missouri on May 6, 1958. His father was a professor at the University of Missouri and a local television personality somewhat akin to Captain Kangaroo. Surely this is where Bob learned how to talk to anyone anytime and anywhere.

Bob attended and graduated from the University of Kansas with a bachelor’s degree in Commercial Interior Design. Upon graduation, he moved to Dallas and has since considered himself a true Texan!

He was a gentle, dignified man, maybe of slight stature, but stood over the tallest of those in his profession. He was an extraordinary leader, maybe a bit of a tough task master, but for forty years a great mentor to those growing up in the D/FW Commercial Interior Design Community. Maybe a little-known side of Bob was that he was an outdoorsman who thoroughly enjoyed camping, fishing and held season passes for NASCAR at Texas Motor Speedway. When NASCAR was introduced to Dallas with the Texas Motor Speedway, Bob became a fixture and fan. This brought Bob friends from all walks of life. He also enjoyed a round of golf, dining with his best friends on regular occasions, and sipping a fine single malt scotch with them.

Bob’s professional career began at CRSS Dallas where he spent 7 years. He was then Director of Interiors for what is now BOKA Powell from 1988 to 1995. He then worked as the managing principal of IA until 2008. Bob and his wife Gail also founded D2 Design.

Bob retired due to declining health in early 2019 after spending 8 years as Design Director for ‘ArchIteriors’ in Dallas.

The love of Bob’s life was his wife Gail, a formidable force in the commercial interior design world. Gail and Bob met while working together at CRSS where they had to keep their relationship and marriage a secret until Bob left for his next job opportunity. Bob and Gail’s romance and relationship was legendary in the design community in the mid-1980s and throughout their careers. They had a bond that seemed unbreakable. Sadly, Gail passed away a few years ago.